Negative Population Growth, Inc. (NPG) is a national nonprofit membership organization. It was founded in 1972 to educate the American public and political leaders about the devastating effects of overpopulation on our environment, resources and standard of living. We believe that our nation is already vastly overpopulated in terms of the long-range carrying capacity of its resources and environment.

We urgently need, therefore, a National Population Policy with the goal of eventually stabilizing our population at a sustainable level, far below today's. after an interim period of negative growth.

Most politicians, big business and its supporting economists call for growth as a solution to all our problems. Apparently, they believe in perpetual growth, which is a mathematical absurdity on a finite planet. There must be limits. Science is demonstrating that human population and consumption in the United States and the world are already too large and are destroying the natural systems that support us. We must not simply stop population growth; we must turn it around.

Since 1972, NPG has been making that case. We do not simply identify the problems, we propose solutions.

A New Series: We are introducing a new series of articles under the title The President's Column. As they appear the articles will be listed chronologically in this section "News and Commentary".

An Introduction to the President’s Column 
by Don Mann, President, NPG, Inc.

Since NPG was founded over 40 years ago I have been convinced that NPG at bottom is an economic theory: namely, that our goal should be to maximize per capita income and wealth for all, in a way that would be sustainable for the very long term, and that the only way to achieve that goal is by a negative rate of population growth until our economy has been reduced to a sustainable size.

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New NPG President’s Column Sees Recent Population Models as a Global Call to Action

Despite global media attention on new population models, there is still no acknowledgment of the clear solution:  widespread access to contraception, and smaller family sizes.
Alexandria, VA (November 20, 2014) – In response to an October 27th article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), today Negative Population Growth (NPG) released a new President’s Column.[…]

“Business-As-Usual” Population Projections Show a World of 12 Billion by 2100

Despite global media attention on the problem, there is still no acknowledgment of the clear solution:  widespread access to contraception, and smaller family sizes.
On October 27th, two biologists at Australia’s University of Adelaide shocked the global media with their article “Human population reduction is not a quick fix for environmental problems,”[…]

The NPG Journal: Vol. 7, No. 8

COMMENTARY  by NPG President Donald Mann As we approach 2015, President Obama formally takes on the title of a “lame duck” president. Essentially, he has a 24-month window to further his agenda and set his legacy. With such limited time to make his mark in key areas, the president is eager to get busy – […]

New NPG Paper Sees Immigration Becoming Main Driver of U.S. Population Growth

New NPG Paper Sees Immigration Becoming Main Driver of U.S. Population Growth  Analysis of recent Census Bureau data shows America’s immigrant population at an all-time high, projected to become main source of national population growth. View this release on PRWeb Click here for a downloadable, printable PDF version This NPG national Press Release was picked up by […]

Foreign-Born Population Keeps Rising: Immigration Trumps Critical Need for U.S. Population Reduction

Census projections proclaim that, with Americans’ fertility falling and deaths soon to begin rising, immigration – not natural increase – will become the principal driver of U.S. population growth by the early 2030s.
That transition in our population dynamics may come even sooner, barring serious reductions in U.S. immigration intake[…]

NPG Releases New Photo Scholarship Calendar

Featuring winning images from NPG’s annual Scholarship Contest, the calendar depicts environmental treasures threatened by U.S. population growth.
In keeping with its 10 Principles for a Responsible U.S. Population Policy, Negative Population Growth (NPG) continues to engage America’s young people in the fight for their future.  High school seniors and undergraduate students nationwide […]

NPG Releases New Forum Paper: More Nonsense on Inexhaustible Resources from The Wall Street Journal

Rejecting recent claims that the world’s resources are infinite, ecologist Leon Kolankiewicz targets population growth and resulting resource exhaustion.
In response to a disturbing essay recently published in The Wall Street Journal, Negative Population Growth (NPG) will release a new Forum paper on November 4th.  Highlighting […]

NPG Releases 15-Month Calendar of 2014 Photography Scholarship Contest Winners

NPG has released a full-size, 15-month calendar available now! A compilation of the winning submissions to our 2014 Photography Scholarship Contest, this full-color calendar is a beautiful display of the raw talent within America’s next generation of leaders. Each year, NPG offers our Scholarship Contests to high school seniors and undergraduate college students across the […]

U.S. Immigration and the Limits of Supporting Earth Resources

The problem of immigration and supply of supporting Earth resources can be expressed simply in the fact that more people use more resources. The physical standard of living is a function of how many resources each individual can command either directly or indirectly. Appointed by the President of the United States to consider the matter of optimum size of U.S. population, the […]