NPG Video Series: The Effects Of Growth: Sprawl & Development

In this second video of the new series, NPG analyzes the effects of U.S. population growth – specifically when it comes to urban sprawl and over-development.  We break down the complex topic into bite-sized pieces, so that the average American can gain a better understanding of the true impact of our nation’s growth.  The film answers important questions -covering topics often dismissed or misunderstood by many Americans:

* Isn’t America spending enough on development to keep pace with growth?
* How does population growth impact our infrastructure – things like electricity, water, or hospitals?
* How much is America growing each year?  And what does that mean for our environment?

Throughout each section, the film supplies viewers with real facts – including the latest statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, demonstrating the true scope of America’s population size and growth.  We demonstrate to viewers that – even at less than 1% a year – our growth adds up to over 2 million people per year.  That even our “low” fertility rates resulted in nearly 4 million babies last year – an average of one birth every 8 seconds.  And we are gaining one international migrant every 27 seconds.  The video concludes with a question that NPG has long posed to the American public, policy makers, and the national media:
“If we keep growing, what will America’s landscape look like for our grandchildren?”

For over four decades, NPG has worked to distribute the real facts about U.S. population growth – and its consequences to our environment, economy, natural resources, and quality of life.  We must ACT NOW to slow, halt, and eventually reverse our nation’s population growth!