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NPG Interactive U.S. Population Map

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NPG created this interactive U.S. population map to stimulate greater interest in population issues at the state level. It illustrates how population growth effects each state now, and – in many cases – how it will have an even more devastating effect in the future.

Visit our map often, as we will continually update it to reflect the most recent data available! Currently, our map reflects figures from the 2010 Census.


Interactive U.S. Census Bureau Chart

This is an interactive chart from the U.S. Census Bureau showing population size, change, density, and representational apportionment.

Population Growth in the National News


Fastest Growing Cities

America’s Fastest Growing Cities – January 23rd, 2014



About a third of US rivers contaminated with agricultural runoff – April 8th, 2013
Report: Polluted farm runoff linked to toxic green algae slime in U.S. waters – September 26th, 2013
What’s Happening to Our Farmland – 2013

Study connects fracking to earthquakes – April 29, 2015


Air Pollution Rankings By City/State

Most Polluted Cities – 2014
The 10 Most Polluted Cities in America – November 5th, 2013


Drought by State

Drought Map – August 21st, 2013


Endangered Species & Urban Sprawl

• Endangered By Sprawl – 2005


Endangered Species by State

Success Stories – July 18th, 2013



Important New Study: Autism Linked To Air Pollution – June 18th, 2013
Does Air Pollution Raise the Risk of Autism? – June 9th, 2014
Our Most Polluted States – May 17th, 2010


Pollution from Farm Animals’ Waste Runoff

• What Is Farm Runoff Doing To The Water? Scientists Wade In – July 5th, 2013
Facts about Pollution from Livestock Farms – February 21st, 2013


Pollution from Agricultural Waste Runoff

What Is Farm Runoff Doing To The Water? Scientists Wade In – July 5th, 2013
As food demands rise, farmers struggle with water conservation – April 21st, 2014


Unemployment – States Comparison

• In Most States, Unemployment Rates Haven’t Bounced Back – 2014


Unemployment – States with Highest Crime

• Crime in America: Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities Under 200,000 – November 25th, 2013


Population Growth in Metro Areas – States Comparison

• Where Cities Are Growing Faster Than Their Suburbs – June 23rd, 2014


Population Growth

Among Climate Threats, Military Leaders See Population Growth, Natural Resources as Key Factors – May 22nd, 2014


Population Growth and Fresh Water Shortage

Population and the Future of Renewable Water Supplies – 1998


Homelessness – States Comparison

The 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) To Congress – 2013


Hospitals – Overcrowding

ER crowding tied to higher in-hospital death rates – December 13th, 2013
In Focus: Improving Patient Flow—In and Out of Hospitals and Beyond – October 23rd , 2013
Emergency Department Overcrowding: A Forced Window of Opportunity – March 27th, 2013



Report Card For American Infrastructure – March 2013
U.S. Metro Economies – July 2012
America 2050 Rebuilding and Renewing America Forums Summary of Forums in Seven U.S. Megaregions 2008-2009 – November 17th, 2008


Water Pollution by State

What You Need To Know About Coal Ash – 2013
• America’s 10 Most Polluted States – September 6th, 2012


Water Shortage by State – Agriculture

Experts foresee shortages as the nation’s freshwater supply dwindles – June 23rd, 2014