Juggernaut: Growth on a Finite Planet

Lindsey Grant examines the human condition as population and consumption levels approach the edges of the Earth’s ability to support them. The book is a unique synopsis of the interactions among population, food production, the energy transition, air pollution and climate change, technology, trade policies, productivity and unemployment. It describes the different ways that the current population explosion plays out in the poorest countries, the “emerging” countries, and the old industrial nations– and shows how they will shape each other’s future. It relates that growth to U.S. policies on foreign affairs, agriculture, trade, immigration, unemployment, population and health care, and proposes some specific changes in thinking and policies.

Fascinating…no one has described so compelling the social, political and economic implications of population growth.

Gaylord Nelson
Former U.S. Senator, Earth Day Founder

The best and most clearly written discussion yet about what the author correctly suggests may be the most important task on Earth.

Congressman Anthony C. Beilenson
Co-chair of the Congressional Coalition on Population and Development

This book dares to go beyond the conventional wisdom. It comes to grips with the need for solutions that are both adequate and humane. In doing that, and in doing that so well, this book meets a dire need in the population policy arena.

Donald Mann
President and Founder,
Negative Population Growth, Inc.

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