Deputy Director’s Corner

Recently, one of the key legislative staffers for Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL, 5th) sent me a YouTube link.  It was video of Congressman Brooks giving a speech on the U.S. House of Representatives floor – a speech titled “Brooks Urges Reevaluation of Mass Immigration Policies.”  In just 4 minutes 56 seconds, Brooks covers many of the […]

NPG Forum Paper Links Population Growth to Significant Biodiversity Loss

Following a September 16th report in the journal Science outlining the world’s “sixth extinction” event – a serious ecological threat which scientists are increasingly convinced is imminent, Negative Population Growth (NPG) will release a new Forum paper today drawing the link between population growth and diminishing global biodiversity. Unfortunately for pro-growth optimists, the paper begins with a warning: “One species, Homo sapiens, [is] expanding at the expense of most other creatures – […]

Crushing Biodiversity with the Weight of the Human Race

Some years ago, as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras I was invited to help lead a fact-finding mission into the Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve. The Río Plátano (Plantain River) flows through the green, humid heart of an isolated region called La Mosquitia – the largest remaining rainforest wilderness of this ecologically-stressed Central American nation[…]