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National polls show support for NPG’s position

LISTENING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE National Polls Find Support for NPG Positions and Goals Every national organization that works to advance a responsible agenda must constantly ask itself:  Are the people with us? For NPG, with its goal to slow, halt and eventually reverse U.S. population growth, a recent national poll found that the answer […]


NATIONAL HONEY BEE DAY – AUGUST 18TH Celebrating Our Very Busy and Very Important Friends It is traditional for all of us to have learned about “the birds and the bees” at a key point when we were growing up. However, the reality is that few of us really learned much about the bees.   Today, the […]

U.S. National Parks Stressed

Record Numbers of Americans Are Flocking to Our National Parks Will Too Many Visitors Destroy Their Treasured Status? It’s the height of summer.  And countless millions of Americans are visiting, hiking, camping, boating and taking full advantage of the vast network of national parks that stretch across our great nation. With the economy on the […]

Ocean Plastics

PROGRESS AGAINST PLASTICS IN THE OCEAN The Push to Protect Marine Life Gains Momentum In recent years, headlines across our nation and world started reporting more and more on the huge threat to all forms of marine life by ever-increasing amounts of plastics gathering in the oceans.  The media spotlight on the plight of whales, […]

Overpopulation and Habitat Encroachment

Overpopulation and Habitat Encroachment A Growing Crisis That Must Be Brought Into Balance From Earth’s earliest times, humans and wildlife have been in conflict.  One of the greatest aspects of their ongoing struggle has been over who gets to live where and how to divide limited resources.  To date, humans are winning hands down when […]


Will There Be Compromise or Chaos? The Trump administration’s proposal to roll back federal clean car standards that were put in place in 2012 during the Obama administration has set off a political firestorm that involves many powerful political players – and prompted the nation’s most populous state to dig in and respond with a […]

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