The Effects Of Growth: Environmental Damage

In this third video of the new series, NPG analyzes the effects of U.S. population growth – specifically when it comes to irreversible damage to our fragile environment.  We break down the complex topic into bite-sized pieces, so that the average American can gain a better understanding of the true impact of our nation’s growth. The film answers important questions – covering topics often dismissed or misunderstood by many Americans:

* What does population growth have to do with America’s environment?
* What is population growth doing to our nation’s wildlife, water, and air?
* Does population growth impact greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change?

Throughout each section, the film supplies viewers with real facts – including the latest statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, demonstrating the true scope of America’s population size and growth.  We demonstrate to viewers that – even at less than 1% a year – our growth adds over 2 million people per year. The video concludes with a statement that NPG has long posed to the American public, policy makers, and the national media:

“Our world is depending on us.  And our future is worth SAVING… YOU can help.”

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