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The Choice to be Childfree: An Increasing Factor in U.S. Population Growth

A recent article in HuffPost Women discussed the increasing number of American women who are opting out of motherhood.  Titled Childfree by Choice:  How Women are Redefining Tomorrow’s Family, the piece took a pro-feminist position on the trend – as educational and employment opportunities for women improve, they are freer from the social expectation of maternity […]

NPG Commentary Published in Spring Issue of Social Contract Journal

The Spring 2014 issue of Social Contract Journal is out!  This issue’s theme is:  What Should America’s Immigration Policy Be?  NPG Deputy Director Tracy Canada contributed the piece “U.S. Immigration Policy – An Ever-Growing Challenge,” which highlights the real facts about U.S. immigration.  NPG Special Advisor David Simcox collaborated with Tracy to submit a revised […]

NPG Staff Interviewed for Washington Times Article on Overpopulation & Immigration

A recent Washington Times – Communities article by Joseph Cotto accurately addresses the real issue when it comes to America’s immigration problem.  Titled “Overpopulation:  Illegal immigration is about more than ethnic identity,” Cotto’s article focuses on the critical (yet widely ignored) element of America’s population growth as it relates to immigration.  After interviewing NPG’s Executive […]

NPG Responds to BBC

Following BBC’s recent publication of a Hans Rosling article and television presentation on population, NPG has drafted an official response to BBC.  Rosling presents misleading data points and ignores the root of our world’s population growth problems, offering no solution whatsoever on how to solve the problem of overpopulation.  NPG encourages our members and supporters […]

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