Elephants in the Volkswagen: Facing the Tough Questions About Our Overcrowded Country

In the last century, the United States has grown from 75 million people to 250 million. Have we gone too far? How can an optimum population be identified and achieved, and how can we confront the problems now facing our overcrowded country?

Negative Population Growth put these questions to specialists on the environment, food and energysupplies, urban issues, national defense, labor and other areas directly affected by U.S. demographics. The result is Elephants in the Volkswagen — a unique, multifaceted examination of one of the most pervasive and controversial issues facing our nation’s policymakers.

Courageously attacking the hard questions about population, these essays cast new light on some of the central problems of human survival. The readers may be surprised to learn that we really can do something about population.

Dr.Garrett Hardin
co-author of Managing the Commons and author of Population, Evolution and Birth Control