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As the leading voice in the population awareness movement, NPG develops innovative, provocative, and insightful publications. We are the oldest and largest publisher of original source materials about the crucial linkages between U.S. population growth, environmental degradation, and a declining quality of life. Our papers feature original research and cutting-edge commentary by some of the movement’s finest scholars and activists.

The following publications represent our contribution to the public discussion about the need for lower, sustainable population levels in the United States and throughout the world.

    • A Proposed National Population Policy 
      • NPG does more than simply identify the problems of population growth.  We propose solutions.
    • Forum Papers 
      • NPG publishes original research and analysis on U.S. population issues and policy from some of the most prominent writers in the population field.  Our NPG Internet Forum papers can be found here
    • The NPG Journal 
      • Offered free to all recipients, our email-based Journal exists to give more widespread distribution to timely news stories and articles related to population, immigration, environmental and political issues that currently affect our daily life – or have the potential to seriously impact our future.
    • Population Perspectives
      • NPG’s quarterly newsletter provides valuable updates on population news from Washington, DC to Istanbul. Regularly featuring columns by NPG President Donald Mann, the newsletter provides members with thoughtful analysis and updates.
    • Fact Sheets
      • Produced in February 2013, this 4 page publication provides detailed information about world population and U.S. population by state.
    • Special Reports
      • NPG Special Reports critically dissect the linkage between immigration, population, and the environment.  They also propose step-by-step solutions to the problem of U.S. population growth.
    • Footnote Series
      • NPG’s Footnote series features brief, topical writings on population, immigration, natural resources, and the environment.
    • Position Papers
      • A series outlining the NPG position on specific issues related to population growth.
    • Books by Lindsey Grant
      • Initiating the NPG Forum series in 1987, population writer Lindsey Grant has made enormous contributions to our Library.  He has also authored or edited a number of other books, available here.
    • Recommended Reading
      • A collection of some of the best books available on population growth and related issues.
    • Optimum Population Series
      • A series of NPG Forum papers dedicated to exploring optimum population size – and the steps necessary to achieve that goal.
    • Booknote Series
      • A series of book reviews, analyzing outside publications on population growth and related issues.

Please contact us if you would like to request originals of any of our publications.

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