To the Editor:

The Census Bureau estimates the February 6, 2018 U.S. population was 327,149,721 people. That number is projected to reach 400 million by mid-century – less than 40 years. Does anyone else think that we just have too many people? The evidence is all around us. Congestion on our roads brings traffic to a standstill. Rolling hills and green open space have been replaced with massive housing developments and strip malls. State and local infrastructures are so overburdened that residents must pay higher taxes for reduced services.

It seems no one is making the connection – many everyday problems we’re facing in America could be greatly alleviated by reducing our population to a smaller, truly sustainable level. Overcrowded schools, pollution, deteriorating roadways, depleted natural resources, and competition for jobs are just a few commonplace effects of overpopulation. Yet neither the media nor our elected officials are addressing this critical issue.

It’s time that we speak up about the dangers of unchecked population growth: bigger is not always better.