To the Editor:

Break the law, and you will be rewarded. That is not the American Way I was raised with.

This is hypocrisy at its worst. The simple facts are that illegal immigration threatens our security, drains our resources, and increases the size of our already unsustainable population. We cannot afford to allow lawbreakers to “Pass Go, Collect Free Citizenship”. And what of the welcome mat this provides to millions of others who may consider illegally crossing our borders, or remaining beyond the expiration of a student, tourist or work visa? Our actions demonstrate that, if they wait long enough, they will reap the rewards of blanket amnesty.

We must make it clear to our government officials that we do not support granting amnesty to these millions of illegal immigrants. We must demand they put the interests of American citizens first – not those of open-border advocates, the cheap labor lobby, or special interest groups.