Dear Senator/Congressman (Last Name):

As Congress confronts America’s immigration debate, I urge you to play a critical role in resolving the current immigration crisis that is so threatening to our nation’s future.

Most importantly, I urge you to listen to the majority of the American people on this issue. Stand firm and represent our national interest – do not cave in to the demands of open-border advocates, the cheap labor lobby, or special interest groups who work to undermine decisive immigration legislation.

As an active member of Negative Population Growth I sincerely hope that you will advocate legislation containing: deportation for any illegal immigrant in our country, mandatory E-Verify for all employers and heavy penalties for knowingly hiring illegal workers, firm border controls, and strict limits on new legal immigration numbers.

Without Congress taking strong steps to rectify the current immigration problems we face, you will only put our nation on a path to future population, economic, environmental, resource, and security disasters.

I look forward to your positive vote on strong, effective immigration and population policies.