Dear Mayor/County Commissioner/City Council Member (Last Name):

As a proud citizen of (county/city/town name), I cherish the quality of life we enjoy and feel strongly that we must protect it for future generations. To do so, we must first address our current challenges that are direct effects of population growth.

Today in (county/city/town name), we live with gridlocked roads, overcrowded schools, depletion of our natural resources, destruction of our environment, overburdened hospitals and social service programs, and taxes that are spiraling out of control. The last thing we need is more development, more houses, and more people!

The evidence is all around us – we are in dire need of realistic population policies to navigate these problems and protect the quality of life in (county/city/town name) and its surrounding communities. Urban sprawl is not inevitable. It can be stopped! I know I speak for a majority of voters who demand we put the needs of our residents first, not those of wealthy developers or special interest groups.