Dear Governor (Last Name):

As (state name) struggles to balance an ever-growing budget and you fight to bring jobs and prosperity back, it is important you recognize how many of our current problems can be directly tied to a lack of responsible population policies.

Trying to accommodate population growth and illegal immigration has led to a funding crisis when it comes to our basic infrastructure of roads, schools, hospitals, social services, and environmental protection. The solution is not more dollars – it is reducing our population to a reasonable, sustainable level. I urge you to advance policies that reflect this sound logic and ensure a better future for all of us in (state name).

In addition to helping halt and reverse our population growth, I also hope you will stand firm and demand that Congress enact decisive legislation that addresses our nation’s out-of-control immigration problem. Our valuable tax dollars must be available for the hard-working legal citizens who paid them, not used to provide services for those who broke the law to arrive and remain here illegally.

We are all proud to call (State name) “home”. However, bigger is not always better. By addressing our population problems today, you can help us create a healthy and secure quality of life for our nation, (state name) and its people for generations to come. Thank you.